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The Community of Sharonville, OH

About Sharonville

The City of Sharonville is located in the Greater Cincinnati Region of south west Ohio. Sharonville is in north east Hamilton County with a small section of the city moving into southern Butler County.

In 1788 settlers first came to the area now known as Sharonville. As more and more people migrated into southwest Ohio, Sharon as it was know then, became a stopover for stagecoaches traveling from Cincinnati, twelve miles south, to Lebanon, seventeen miles north. Sharonville became an incorporated village in 1911 and obtained city status in 1962. Today the City occupies 10.7 square miles and has 124 lane miles of streets.

Sharonville is ideally located 15 miles north of the center of downtown Cincinnati making it easily accessible, but without all the city congestion. The area hosts numerous restaurants and is situated in a historic area with homes form the turn of the century. You will find it a great place to stay and in a great location for all that the area has to offer.



Sharonville Chamber of Commerce
4015 Executive Park Drive, #302
Sharonville, OH 45241
(513) 554-1722


Landmark Baptist Church
1500 Glendale Milford Rd.
Evendale, OH 45215
(513) 771-0960

Macedonia Living Word Fellowship
353 W. Kemper Rd.
Springdale, OH 45246
(513) 671-1480

Calvary Church
11970 Kenn Rd.
Springdale, OH 45240
(513) 674-9600

St. Gabriel Parish
48 W. Sharon Ave.
Glendale, OH 45246
(513) 777-6433

St. Mathias Church
1050 W. Kemper Rd.
Forest Park, OH 45240
(513) 851-1930